Norwegian Students in New York

Global citizens

We believe that young people who travels the world will learn something unique about the world we live in and how we can all help make it a better place - for all. This is what drives us!


It started back in 1993 with a study center for Norwegian students going to Bali, through an organization called Gateway. The East and West Coast of the US was added as destinations back in 1998. Last year Gateway partnered with AsiaExchange and AmericaExchange  is a product of this partnership. While AsiaExchange focuses on great study abroad opportunities in Asia, AmericaExchange will do the same in the US and elsewhere in North and South America. First out are New York and Los Angeles, where we already have great partnerships in place.


Our aim is to create strong partnership with a limited number of institutions. That way our students can get easy access through our predefined processes for application, housing etc., making it both easier and hopefully also more affordable as scholarships to our students is another thing we encourage our partners to give our students.


We are based out of New York, but we do not have a large service organization. That is one of the key reasons we can manage to make things simple and cost effective. Instead your best resources are fellow students who will be there when you go or who has studied abroad in the past.

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